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About Us

Access to the Libraries

The Library at Banner - University Medical Center Phoenix is located in the Ancillary building, LL2.

  • All staff and affiliates of BUMC-P can access the library 24/7.  Access to the library has been encoded on the badge. 
  • Staff or affiliates from other facilities can request 24/7 access or come during our open hours.
  • The Library at BUMC-P is not open to the public.

The Library at Banner Desert Medical Center is located on the first floor of the main hospital.

  • All staff and affiliates of Banner Desert or Banner Children's can access the library 24/7.  Access to the library has been encoded on the badge. 
  • Staff or affiliates from other facilities can request 24/7 access or come during our open hours.
  • The Library at Desert provides a family learning center which is open to public M-F 7:00AM - 4:00PM

Literature Search Policy

Banner Health Library Services staff are available to assist Banner providers, employees and affiliates with information resources.

In addition to providing the full text of requested articles, Banner Health Library Services will perform literature searches on topics requested by Banner affiliates. Some communication is needed for all search requests, and librarians are able to provide better search results when users complete the research request form.

The Banner Library website contains tutorials on several library-oriented topics, including tutorials on how to search specific databases.

When requested, Banner librarians will provide instruction on how to search available databases; we are able to instruct individual users or groups. We will provide instruction in person or by virtual means, based on the needs and locations of requestors. We will assist Banner employees and affiliates with formulating PICO questions and with refining search strategies. We are able to provide written quick guides to searching the databases.

Although we will perform literature reviews on requested topics from Banner staff and affiliates, Banner librarians are unable to devote the resources required to perform systematic reviews. We will conduct other types of in-depth searches when requested. In order to ensure greater accuracy and relevance of search results, librarians will require at least one consultation session with library users who request in-depth searches.

For library users who request systematic review searches, we will provide information describing the steps for performing a systematic review. The steps include, but are not limited to, formulating a research query, composing search strategies and statements, describing the methods or protocol that will be used in the research, registering the protocol, managing the article citations and removing duplicate citations, analyzing the search results, and writing an evaluation of the evidence.

There are many helpful resources available that provide information about performing systematic reviews. The National Institutes of Health Library provides useful links to resources on standards and organizations for systematic reviews here:  Resources for Systematic Reviews.

We encourage Banner staff and affiliates to contact us with library-related questions or requests.

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About Off-site Access

Off-site Access Policy

Banner Health Library Services signs license agreements with publishers when subscribing to electronic/online resources. The terms of these agreements limit off-site access to these resources to eligible users.  Eligible users are all Banner Health physicians and employees and some interns and students.  If you are an intern or student, contact the library to determine eligibility. The library uses OpenAthens, a single sign on software (SSO), to authenticate off-site users to access restricted resources. OpenAthens is an identity and access management software that manages and maintains identity information for publishers and users.  Our goal, at Banner Health Library Services, is to make accessing restricted resources easier for our customers.  An SSO, like OpenAthens, enhances usability of our resources by reducing password fatigue and provides better security.

Circulation Policy