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Learn About Requesting Items

Getting Started

Banner provides online library access to subscribed content on and off-site.  If you are unable to find information on a particular topic, you are pressed for time, or interested to know what is available on a particular topic, please complete our Research Request Form.  If you have specific articles or book chapters that you would like to read the full text, use our Article Request Form.  If you would like a presentation provided to your department or individual instruction on searching, copyright, publishing, comprehensive reviews, or computer help, please use our Library Instruction Form or contact us directly on our Chat service. 

How Long Does It Take to Receive an Article?

The fastest way to get a full-text article is to use Quick Article Check. You will need to have the DOI or PMID in order to use this tool. Articles requested by this methods usual arrive within one minute. 

Article Requests sent by email or using our form which can be filled from our own Banner Health Library Collection are typically completed on the same day or the following business day.

Article Requests sent by email or using our form for items outside of our collection are usually emailed to you 1-4 business days from the date of request.  

Article Requests indicated as RUSH are usually completed the same day if received two hours before closing M-F.

What Does the Library Collection Include?

Banner Health Library Services serves all of Banner Health across five states. Our library collection criteria is to provide resources to accommodate the widest audience possible. We subscribe to many of the largest medical publication providers such as JAMA, NEJM, Oxford, Sage, Springer, and Wiley. 

Many specialty areas may not be covered by our collection.  We want our users to have access to every resource necessary to their clinical practice, business needs, and policy needs, therefore we have a dedicated team to provide exceptional article delivery service and turn-around times. Do not be discouraged if you find that a full text article is not immediately available to you! Request it instead! 

UA Faculty and students also have access to the UA library collection. However even a university library does not have everything. If you find that a full text article is not immediately available to you, request it! 

Suggest a Book to Add to the Library

Use a PMID or DOI to get Full-Text Articles ~ Quick Article Check

Lookup a journal article by DOI or PMID