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Search Spotlight: Professionalism in Nursing

by Erin Moore on 2023-08-03T04:30:00-07:00 in Education, Nursing, Nursing: Nursing specialties | 0 Comments

Banner Librarians get hundreds of literature search requests each year.  From June 2022 - June 2023, you requested 355+ Literature Searches on a variety of topics and across numerous disciplines. A comprehensive librarian-mediated search can take anywhere from 2-8 hours or more. In the the case of systematic reviews, librarians are paired with researchers for the better part of a year with the shared goal of project completion, publication, and more.  Literature Search services support you in implementing policy changes, practice changes, quality improvement initiatives, self-paced education, staff development and training, and more. 

We want to share our efforts with you. Information sharing in support of our mission is something that librarians not only aspire to do well but take pleasure in doing. Our curiosity, or "strong desire to learn or know something", motivates us to seek information that supports you in doing your job.  When you ask us for expert-level help crafting and conducting a search, we're hard-wired to search tirelessly. Admittedly, we sometimes even struggle to call it quits once we've begun!

Today's Search Spotlight, on the subject of Professionalism in Nursing, highlights results of a recent search, complete with linked PubMed abstracts. Please keep in mind that we link to PubMed abstracts because it is a centralized biomedical index freely available through the National Library of Medicine. However, please be encouraged to enlist the help of your librarians to translate search strategies across other online databases and platforms, (OVID Medline, CINAHL Ultimate, Embase, Global Index Medicus, Scopus, and more).

While searching across  multiple databases is a must, we love that PubMed connects you with research published in PubMed Central (PMC) and it is free ninety-free, y'all. Subscription resources by contrast are increasingly costly (so we get really resourceful).

Interested in checking out other Banner-centric trending topics? Please take a look at past Research Rundown installments. The Research Rundown is a near-quarterly spotlight of trending topics of broad appeal. Your Banner Librarians developed this endeavor to demystify some of the work we do to hype our collective Spirit of Inquiry.  Check out the Research Rundown LibGuide to tap into what's important in the hearts and minds of Banner staff.




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Search Spotlight: Professionalism in Nursing
Mission-aligned information sharing is something Banner Health librarians take great pleasure in doing. Today's Search Spotlight, on the subject of Professionalism in Nursing, highlights linked PubMed abstracts! Check it out and discover something new!


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