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Library Lovers - Valentines from Our Banner Team

by Erin Moore on 2024-02-14T05:30:00-07:00 in Education, Evidence-based practice, Quality improvement | 0 Comments


Can you spot the love poem written by a human?

  1. Roses are red, Banner hearts beat True Blue; Your friendly librarians care about Evidence-based practice, LTIs and supporting you!
  2. Librarians whisper, in the hush of the stacks, Your stories of triumph, where hope never lacks.
  3. With stethoscope's symphonies, love's heartbeat we find, In the corridors of courage, you're one of a kind.

If guessed poem #1, you'd be right! However,  I will say ChatGPT's "stethoscope's symphonies" evokes quite an image and sound, no?  

Speaking of symphonies and the music of the heart: did you know that ECG recordings have been transcribed into notation of heart rhythm? I found that fascinating -- what the sound of heart rhythms can tell us. I digress. 

In honor of Library Lover's Day, we want to thank our Banner Team for taking the time to share their feedback with us regarding their most recent library services experience.

Please take a look at this infographic and some of the valentines we received from you, our team mates, in February! Sending love to our Banner team today and every day!





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